Local Youth Group Who Started #BenderaPutih Movement Says Idea Stemmed From Friend's Death

They prefer to remain anonymous.

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Local Youth Group Who Started #BenderaPutih Movement Says Idea Stemmed From Friend's Death
Unsplash / #BenderaPutih movement

It was a noble idea.

During these tough times, a little kindness goes a long way.

We may not see it, but there are so many families out there who are struggling to ends meet. 

Yet, somehow, some of these families do not feel comfortable asking for help, because they do not want society to think less of them. 

That's where a group of kind-hearted Malaysians come in.

Friend's death played a role

Preferring to remain anonymous, the group youths in their 20s who started the #BenderaPutih movement, or White Flag movement, said the whole idea stemmed from a friend who committed suicide a few years ago. 

Speaking to Rojak Daily, one member of the group said that a close friend of the group committed suicide after facing severe financial difficulties. 

"He never told us. And now, many of the rakyat are facing the same problems during these hard times, and so many of them are helpless now.

"They are also sick and suffering due to the pandemic, and they don't know where else to go for help," said the member, adding that the group felt that it was their responsibility to do something.

"It started with one random comment on Facebook, and we came up with a poster," he said. 

The original poster.
The poster, now a common sight on all social media platforms, calls for those in dire need of help to fly a white flag at their homes. 

The flag is an indication that the family needs help, and the community will know and be able to help them.

Politicians will be politicians

When asked if he was shocked at how the movement has spread so fast, the member said that it was expected because the people were extremely desperate now. 

"It just spread organically because of the suffering of the people," he said, adding that the group from Kuantan did not want any credit for the success of the movement.

The member also explained that the #BenderaPutih movement is a clear symbol and message that the current government is inadequate, incompetent and a ticking bomb for the nation.

When asked to comment on politicians trying to jump on the #BenderaPutih bandwagon, the member simply said "politicians will be politicians". 

Lend a helping hand if you can.
"To the rakyat, we are all fighters, so let's fight for our own lives. Don't be shy. Just fly the white flag if you're in trouble. 

"Hopefully, the people around you will help as much as they can. Whatever happens, don't give up.  Fight and hold on," he said. 

We love the semangat that this group of youth has, and we truly admire them for initiating such a movement. 

All the best to the founder of #BenderaPutih, and to the rest of you, if you spot a white flag, reach out and help.

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