South Korean University Uses Poop To Generate Electricity For Their Building

The future is now.

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South Korean University Uses Poop To Generate Electricity For Their Building

It even looks pretty

How many of you think that your poop is nothing but ‘waste’ and offers no value?

We bet most of you agree, with the exception of South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) students.

What’s so special about the students, you ask?

Well, UNIST students actually turned their poop to biogas and manure using a smart 'green' toilet.

From poop to electricity

UV light keeps the toilet clean
According to a report in Mashable SEA, the BeeVi toilet is the brainchild of UNIST professor Cho Jae-weon.

The toilet uses poop to generate electricity to power their building.


Cho said the toilet shoots poop through a vacuum pump into an underground tank where human waste is broken down into methane and converted to energy to power the university building. Wow!

If you are thinking, eeee poop, the toilet bowl comes with UV light that sterelises the inside and outside of it. 

The cool factor doesn’t stop there.

Students make money by contributing their "poo"

Students who’ contribute’ poop, will also be able to convert every use of the toilet into the university's own digital currency, Ggool.

Through the currency that they accumulate through their pooping sessions, they can pay for things in the campus such as coffee and books!

Each use of the BeeVi toilet will credit a student with 10 Ggool a day.

Cho said 500 grams of excrement can be converted into 50 liters of methane gas which in turn could power roughly 0.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity.

"If we think out of the box, faeces have precious value to make energy and manure. I have put this value into ecological circulation," said Cho.

Ok, that is super cool!

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