Chinese Man, Who 'Fainted' For Three Days, Wakes Up After Smelling Curry Beef Rice

Food heals

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Chinese Man, Who 'Fainted' For Three Days, Wakes Up After Smelling Curry Beef Rice
Chinashichuanfood/Global Times

Hunger won in the end

Curry beef rice did what even uncomfortable medical procedures such as catheters insertion (insertion of tube into urethra to get urine out) and electrocardiogram - wake a man who've been in a faint for three days. 

According to a report by Global Times, a suspect who was arrested for fraud, pretended to faint to avoid questioning by police.

However, his ploy failed after smelling some curry beef rice which was eaten by a policeman watching over him.

Hunger won

This will wake us up too
During the three days the man pretended to be unconscious, doctors tried various methods to bring him to consciousness but to no avail.

Fret not, the curry beef rice did what the doctors could not do.

He woke up to the smell of curry beef rice at his bedside as he had gone without food for three days and simply could not resist the smell.

He told police the food smelled nice, which the policeman agreed.

“The rice smell was very strong and spread all over the room as I was eating it,” said the officer.

The suspect who admitted that it was the food that finally made him give up, willingly told the police that he faked the fainting to avoid being investigated.

“I haven’t eaten for three days. My empty stomach couldn’t bear it anymore when I smelled food around me.”

All hail the curry beef rice!

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