Hong Kong Influencer Falls To Her Death While Taking Daredevil Pictures For The ‘gram

Is it worth it though?

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Hong Kong Influencer Falls To Her Death While Taking Daredevil Pictures For The ‘gram

Losing her life just for the 'gram.

A lot of people do risky things just to get a nice picture for social media.

Unfortunately for an Instagram influencer from Hong Kong, losing her life was the price she had to pay for the perfect picture.

All for a pretty picture


The influencer, who goes by the name of Sophia Cheung, succumbed to her injuries after she fell while taking a risky picture for her Instagram account.

According to Hong Kong website HK01, the 32-year-old had set off for a hike with three of her friends Ha Pak Lai park in Tuen Mun around 11am last Saturday (10 July).

When they reached the Tsing Dai stream, Cheung and her friends stopped to take some photos.

However, she reportedly lost her footing when she was taking selfie's on the edge of a waterfall and plunged into a five-metre deep pool below.

Her friends immediately called emergency services and she was unconscious when help arrived.

She was then transported via helicopter to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, where she was pronounced dead.

According to the report, Cheung drowned while waiting to be rescued.

Cheung who was an avid hiker, was well known for sharing scenic photos featuring her daredevil actions.

Cheong’s has almost 24,000 followers on Instagram, and sadly, they won't be getting anymore Instagram updates from Cheung.


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