PM "Jokes" About #BenderaPutih Movement, Earning The Ire Of The People

As if people aren't angry enough

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Anyone else tired of being constantly angry, especially at the so-called leaders of the country who seem to not care about the people's sufferings? We sure are. 

Adding to the exhaustive list of "things that politicians say to piss rakyat off" is the latest comment by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, seemingly mocking the #BenderaPutih and #BenderaHitam movement in the country. 

Here's what he allegedly said recently:

During a press conference at an event where aid is distributed to those in need, Muhyiddin said that the government is aware of people's suffering and is giving aid where necessary. 

"So, you don't have to raise black or white flags. Blue is fine," he joked.

Blue is OK, it seems.
In case you've forgotten, the Barisan Nasional flag is blue in colour, and so is Perikatan Nasional's. 

His dismissal of people's anger and suffering didn't stop there. 

The man, who is supposed to be leading the country through these tough times, also reportedly said that he's seen that the kitchens at many of the homes are "filled". 

"I'm not saying it's like that everywhere. We want a registration system where everyone gets equally. Not some get 10, some one," he was quoted as saying. 

Angry Netizens out in droves

Malaysia, obviously, were angry at the comments and the tone of the prime minister.

On Twitter alone, the video shared by activist Fahmi Reza has garnered a whopping 19,700 Quote Retweets, 17,700 retweets and 13,100 likes. 

None of the comments on the post or quote retweets were anything short of angry, in case you're wondering:

The Prime Minister's comments were tone deaf, insensitive and unbecoming of a leader.

We really hope Malaysia can come out of these dark times sooner rather than later. 

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