Australia's Olympics Swimming Coach Startles Japanese Volunteer With His Wild Celebrations

Can't control his excitement.

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Australia's Olympics Swimming Coach Startles Japanese Volunteer With His Wild Celebrations
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Enthusiasm x1000.

You know the saying, "dance like no one is watching"?

Well, this swimming coach from Australia didn't exactly dance, but his celebration did become a center of attention recently.

Can't contain his excitement

Dean Boxall, who is the swimming coach for the Australian swimming team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, recently became an internet sensation for his over-the-top celebrations.

One of his mentees, 20-year-old Ariarne Titmus, stunned every one when she won the gold medal in the Women's 400m Freestyle event on Monday (26 July).

In fact, Titmus beat five-time Olympics gold medalist and heavy favourite Katie Ledecky enroute to winning the gold medal.

Ariarne Titmus beating all odds.
That achievement alone is a great reason to celebrate, and celebrate Boxall did.

After Titmus tapped the finish line, a clearly over-excited Boxall couldn't contain his excitement as he started jumping around and shouting, ripping off his face mask in the process.

He even threw in a couple of air pumps, fist shakes and several over-enthusiastic hip thrusts.

Here's the video:
In fact, his wild celebrations startled an Olympics staff nearby, who probably did not know what to do at the moment as she looked confused AF:

Poor girl.

Admitted to losing it

Boxall's sideline antics were broadcasted around the world, and snippets of his celebrations went viral on social media.

Later, Boxall admitted to Yahoo News that he "lost it" and "went outside his body".

"Yeah, I lost it. 

"I think I went outside of my body. I just lost it. I've been with this girl five years, you know, having a dream together," said Boxall, who was dubbed a 'rock star coach' by the media in Australia.

Boys and girls, get yourself a man who celebrates your successes harder than you do.

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