Meet The Malaysian Woman Who Is Working At Tesla As An Engineer

Living her dream.

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Meet The Malaysian Woman Who Is Working At Tesla As An Engineer
Facebook/Dr. Zulkifli Hussain

Such an inspiring young woman.

Over the years, we have seen plenty of talented Malaysians getting job offers and doing a darn good job at some of the world's biggest companies:

We can add another talented Malaysian to the list.

Bright young thing

Over the weekend, a counsellor based in Malaysia shared that a bright young Malaysian has made a name for herself in Tesla, one of the world's most prominent and leading electric vehicle manufacturers.

Dr Zulkifli Hussain shared via a post on his Facebook page that Fakhirah Khairuddin has been hired by Tesla as a Technical Training Robotics Engineering Instructor.

According to Dr Zulklifi, Fakhirah was one of the first batch students who studied at Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM) Ulul Albab in Kota Putra, Terengganu.

Dream come true.
After graduating from MRSM, Fakhirah enrolled into the University of California San Diego in 2019 via a scholarship from MARA, majoring in BS Aerospace Engineering. 

From there, Fakhirah earned another scholarship from the University of California San Diego, where she graduated from the MS Mechanical Engineering course this year.

According to Dr Zulkifli, Fakhirah now resides in Fremont, California and she now get to live her dream working at one of the world's biggest companies.

We're so envious! 

You can check out Dr Zulkifli's post below:

Well done, Fakhirah Khairuddin! We are so excited for you!

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