Do You Need A Police Letter If You're Flying Into Langkawi? Khairy Jamaluddin Clarifies

Take note.

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Do You Need A Police Letter If You're Flying Into Langkawi? Khairy Jamaluddin Clarifies
In just a couple of days time, travel-starved Malaysians will most likely be thronging Pulau Langkawi as it is set to reopen for business under a special 'travel bubble' programme on 16 September:

If you're one of those heading there for a short breather, there's something you need to take note of.

With the whole of Malaysia still under a lockdown of some sorts, travelling across different states requires a police permit.

But if you're flying into Langkawi, do you still need a permission from the police?

Well, according to Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, you don't.
In a tweet posted on Sunday (12 September), those who are travelling to the island by car would require a letter from the police.

"For the Langkawi pilot tourism programme ‘travel bubble’, a letter from the police was for the purpose of interstate travel and roadblocks if they are travelling by land," he wrote. 

So, if you're flying into Langkawi, you don't need a permission letter.

Strict monitoring

Meanwhile, the police will reportedly be stricter with monitoring to ensure tourists comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the government.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim told Malay Mail that the Langkawi district police headquarters is considering increasing the number of personnel on duty to ensure SOP compliance.

"Although there will be a tourism bubble in place, all visitors must comply with every SOP set.

Those who wish to come to Langkawi need to have police approval as well," he was quoted as saying.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac) has released a list of approved activities that can take place on the island.

According to a statement quoted by Bernama, Motac will be allowing seven main tourism activities in Langkawi.

The seven activities are:
  1. Accommodation at hotels and homestays - All facilities within the premises of the hotel are allowed
  2. Business events - Meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE), as well as tourism and cultural events, are allowed
  3. Beach activities - Water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, tourism fishing, edutainment centres, recreational parks, extreme or adventure sports or nature parks, farms, aquarium, zoo and other recreational and social activities are allowed
  4. Eco geo-adventure activities - Camping, hiking, caving and jungle tracking are allowed
  5. Special interest tourism - Golf, scuba diving, cycling, angling and yachting are allowed
  6. Art, culture and heritage premises - Museums, libraries, art galleries, village cultural heritage centres and cultural stage performance are allowed to open
  7. Theme parks and family entertainment centres - Academic visits to Balai Seni, Geopark Discovery Center and Laman Padi are allowed
Stay safe, you guys.

Have fun, but also don't forget to take really good care of yourself.

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