Ops Khas Motosikal: Police Detain More Than 200 Errant Motorcyclists


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Ops Khas Motosikal: Police Detain More Than 200 Errant Motorcyclists
Astro Awani

Ops Khas Motosikal

The police detained about 200 motorcyclists on Sunday (13 September) at a roadblock near Jalan Tun Razak. 

Kuala Lumpur Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) chief ACP Sarifudin Mohd Salleh reportedly said that the operation was done to prevent road bullies and those riding motorbikes that does not adhere to specifications set by the authorities. 

Astro Awani reported that the ops also targeted those who were driving under the influence of alcohol as well as those involved in illegal racing. 

Brought to the police station

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All those detained during the ops were brought to the Kuala Lumpur Police Headquarters for urine test and to check for criminal records.

"Besides motorcycle operation, we also held operations to detect drunk drivers in Kuala Lumpur.

"During the operation, we found motorcyclist who were driving recklessly and dangerously which is illegal racing.

"We will continue these operations during the second phase of National Recovery Plan because, as we all know, the number of vehicles in the city have increased," he told Astro Awani.

More than 300 summons were issued during the operation and a few vehicles were confiscated for illegal remodeling. 

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