Facebook Testing a System to Report 'Fake' News

Gee, if only there was a global search engine that you could use to authenticate reports yourself. Oh well.

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Facebook Testing a System to Report 'Fake' News
Facebook has rolled out a new tool that will let users report a post that they suspect is fake. The move was done in response to allegations that fake news on Facebook influenced the US presidential election. 


The new reporting adds an "It's a fake news story" option in the reports and a label for "disputed" stories which will be referred to a third-party fact-checking organisation. The fact-checkers must sign up to a code of principles to take part and there are currently 43 signatories, including news organisations in several different countries. Stories that turn out to be fake would be labelled with a link explaining why and if you try to share a disputed story, there will be a disputed story warning. This is done so that you can decide for yourself if you'd like to still share a story that is potentially fake. You may read Facebook's statement in full here.


Here's our commentary:

#1 Settings aside the fact that the Internet is full of trolls leaving spoilers for movies on Facebook, this system is open to all kinds of abuse. For example: you believe in evolution and a creationists disagrees. You post a discovery proving evolution and the creationists flags it as disputed. Your story goes to a third-party for checking and is flagged. Now apply this for any disagreement you have on the Internet. 

#2 Have we become so effete that we can't do a simple Google search? There is a wealth of information amongst the sludge of fake organ harvesting news online so stop and take a second to authenticate news yourself. 

#3 Facebook really wants you to stay on Facebook to read your news. So much so that they would resort to coddling infantile users that jump at any sensational headlines with the words "sex" and/or "murder" in it. Accurate news is out there people, it's not on Facebook. 

#4 The solution seems pretty obvious. It starts with you. Stop reading rubbish online. Stop sharing rubbish online. Stop being taken in by every fancy headline you read and for the love of nasi lemak stop forwarding inane 'reports' on WhatsApp. 

#5 Finally, share this story on your Facebook page by 12am today and your crush will reveal themself to you. If you don't then this hantu pocong will visit you and leave you a rotten banana. 


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