No Polystyrene in Selangor From January 1

Looks like it's back to packing food in plastic sheets and paper.

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No Polystyrene in Selangor From January 1
According to The Star, for businesses in Selangor, polystyrene packaging for products will no longer be allowed and that a fine of RM1,000 will be imposed on proprietors who continue using the harmful plastic. 

Selangor State Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said the fine was the standard amount for any breach of licence condition. She said several additional conditions had been added to the by-laws to incorporate the new ruling.

“The maximum fine is RM1,000 and shoppers will be charged a minimum of 20 sen for single-use plastic bags. We will waive the charge for plastic bags under certain conditions,” she added.

Items waived include: 

  • Raw meat 
  • Plants or roots covered in sand or soil
  • Flower
  • Unwrapped loose seeds
  • Prescription and poisonous substances 
  • Live fish or aquatic products 

You can pledge to go plastic-free by pledging at now. The state government aims to collect 20,000 pledges by the new year. 

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