Wait A Minute, Are These The New PDRM Patrol Cars?

Catching baddies in style.

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Wait A Minute, Are These The New PDRM Patrol Cars?
Whoa, is PDRM upgrading their patrol car fleet?

Earlier this week, a couple of photos showing a fleet of white BMWs parked in an underground parking lot with the word ‘POLIS’ emblazoned on the hoods were widely circulated on social media.

The photos have since created quite a stir online, with many Netizens demanding an explanation over the need for the Royal Malaysian Police to upgrade their rides at a time where the rakyat are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Image: Facebook
So, is it true that our men in blue are getting brand new cars to patrol the streets with?

Well, as much as we know they want to (ahem!), the answer is no.

BMW Group Malaysia head of corporate communications Sashi Ambi told The New Straits Times that the shiny BMWs were actually being prepped for the Le Tour De Langkawi, which started on Wednesday.

"The cars are part of the 200 vehicles that we are sending for Le Tour De Langkawi. After the event, the fleet will be used for the local events around Malaysia," he was quoted as saying.

According to Ambi, the luxury car brand was selected as the official automotive partner for this year’s competition, so it is kinda their job to provide the event organisers and the police with brand new Beemers.

With that cleared up, we guess that the Dubai police force still has the best patrol car fleet in the world:

Image: Emirates 24|7

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