Why Are These Parents Queuing Overnight To Enrol Their Kids Into Primary School?

Some of them queue for more than 12 hours!

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Why Are These Parents Queuing Overnight To Enrol Their Kids Into Primary School?
Image: The Star
Those of you who studied in Chinese schools would probably understand the struggle it took you to get a spot at your preferred school. Or maybe your parents remembered it better since you probably wouldn’t have bothered which school you got enrolled in as long as you didn’t have a tonne of homework to do.
Back then when there weren’t as many Chinese schools, parents had to register their children as soon as they were in kindergarten (or maybe even younger) in hopes of scoring a spot in the “best school in town”! Fortunately, with an increased number of Chinese primary schools around Malaysia today, parents don’t have to start worrying THAT early.

Or should they?
According to a report by The Star, parents were seen queuing overnight outside of several primary schools to wait for the registration to begin at 8am on Wednesday.

Although the Education Ministry has assigned children to schools based on their home addresses, parents still insist on queuing from as early as 8pm the night before to get their kids into their preferred school.
The Star cited China Press’ report about how parents waited patiently outside SJK(C) Ming Chih in Johor Baru even when it started to rain at about 4am. In Ipoh, family members reportedly took turns waiting outside SJK© Ave Maria Convent from as early as 3am.

Knowing that this is not exactly a first-come-first-serve basis kinda thing, why then are parents this year more gungho than previous years?
To put it simply, it’s time for the ‘dragon babies’ to enter primary school soon.

According to Sin Chew Daily, those born in 2012, which happens to be the Year of the Dragon, have to register for primary school this year.

Many Chinese actually believe that this particular zodiac animal is a symbol of power and prosperity, therefore enrolling them into the best school is of utmost importance.
From sitting on makeshift chairs to using umbrellas as shields from the rain, these parents showed sheer determination for the sake of their children’s education.

So kids, make sure you study hard to repay your parents’ sacrifices!

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