Miss Malaysia World Tatiana Kumar Stripped of her Title but the Drama Doesn't Stop There

Goodness greens Miss Malaysia World is going through a tough time.

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Miss Malaysia World Tatiana Kumar Stripped of her Title but the Drama Doesn't Stop There
Tatiana Kumar has been stripped of her title of Miss Malaysia World by her organisation because of "offensive" comments online. If you'd like to know what the exchange between the former beauty queen and her organisation is, Vulcanpost has done an excellent job compiling the drama. 

TL;DR Tatiana complains about not having admin rights to her own page, then her father steps in and questions why his daughter didn't get a wooden floor to tap dance on during her talent round and then Tatiana thanks Tourism Malaysia for her business class flight to America. Ok so far? 

THEN the organisation responds by saying Tatiana did not inform them regarding her tap dancing and revealed that they did get a flight for her but she wanted business class. When confronted, Tatiana backtracked and said her father forced her to thank Tourism Malaysia on Facebook. 

Now the REAL drama is what happened on Instagram

You're going to want to sit down for this. 

The announcement on Instagram was regular. No surprises there. Bla bla bla, wish to announce... bla, bla, Ms. Shweta Sekhon, bla, bla... Dato Anna Lin. It's all good and well. Now go to the COMMENTS section and voila, drama central. 

At first we were confused. We didn't have the full picture. 

Defamation? Okay... we're missing something here

Now they're DELETING comments. Wonder what they're deleting. Further down the rabbit hole we go. 

Boom! Drama city. Calling someone "an idiot" and deleting the comment afterwords? Also, malaysiaworld one-two-three? Really? 

So yeah, they were obviously met with less than happy commentors and may or may not have responded in a totally mature and professional way. If you follow the comments, by the end, the admin only asked people to e-mail them at (really?). Fearing the admin might say something along the lines of "No, YOU'RE the POO-POO HEAD!" 

We decided to look up the user who was allegedly called an idiot and asked the user if he had a screenshot of offence. Lo and behold:

Image: Instagram user @v_vivekkk

We reached out to the user @v_vivekkk on Instagram and got this picture. He has since written in to (REALLY?) and is waiting for a response from the organisation. User @v_vivekkk's earlier comments were deleted, hence the exchange. He said that the admin was up until 4am last night answering comments on their Instagram page which has 514 followers. Yikes.

As catastrophically hilarious as PR handling goes, this is pretty up there. Calling people "idiots" and deleting comments are number one no-no's online. Oh, we forgot to mention, first runner-up Shweta Sekhon, 19, was named as the new Miss Malaysia World 2016/17. Hurrah. 

UPDATE: Tatiana Kumar has responded to the termination of her title on her Facebook fan page. She claims she's innocent and she's seeking legal advice. Read her statement below. 

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