We're Safe Because Raja Bomoh Is Here To Protect Us From North Korea

With his coconuts and bamboo sticks.

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We're Safe Because Raja Bomoh Is Here To Protect Us From North Korea
Image: smasanews
Oh boy, North Korea is in a whole lot of trouble!

Malaysia’s 'Raja Bomoh Sedunia', real name Ibrahim Mat Zin, took it upon himself to protect the country against nuclear strikes from North Korea.

A video purportedly showing the bomoh conducting a ritual on a beach has been making its round on social media.

In the three-minute 18-second video, Mat Zin - who calls himself Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP - and his three assistants can be seen chanting while being ankle-deep in water, holding a pair of coconuts, five bamboo cannons as well as a two sticks which they used as binoculars.

Sparing no expense, we see.

Through out the ritual, Mat Zin recited prayers before forcefully slamming the coconuts into the water, because that will teach the North Koreans for messing with us.

After the exhausting ritual, Mat Zin told a Malay news portal (cited by The Star Online) that the practice was not to provoke any party.

“This time, the ritual is to protect Malaysia from any threat or attack from other countries especially North Korea. 

“Besides that, the ritual is also to soften the North Korean Supreme Leader’s heart so he will release the 11 Malaysians immediately and resolve this (Kim Jong-nam assassination) situation,” he was quoted by the news site as saying.

What will we ever do without Raja Bomoh!

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