Raja Bomoh Takes 'North Korean Protection Ritual' Tour To Hospital KL

He was seen performing a ritual outside the hospital.

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Raja Bomoh Takes 'North Korean Protection Ritual' Tour To Hospital KL
Despite the harsh weather, there's no stopping our Raja Bomoh from doing his job to keep us safe.

One day after performing a ritual at a beach somewhere, Ibrahim Mat Zin - or better known as Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP - was seen performing the same ritual outside of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

According to a report by The Star Online, Mat Zin caused quite a frenzy when he arrived outside the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, where the body of Kim Jong-nam is reportedly being kept, at around 6pm on Monday.

He then reportedly performed a ritual using a pair of sticks as binoculars while chanting, before leaving five minutes later.

Noticeably absent were his pair of coconuts.

On Sunday, a three-minute 18-second video of him performing a ritual by the beach went viral on social media.

Mat Zin told a Malay news portal after the ritual that the practice was not to provoke any party, but to protect Malaysia from North Korea's nuclear attacks.

“This time, the ritual is to protect Malaysia from any threat or attack from other countries especially North Korea. 

“Besides that, the ritual is also to soften the North Korean Supreme Leader’s heart so he will release the 11 Malaysians immediately and resolve this (Kim Jong-nam assassination) situation,” he was quoted by the news site as saying.

In an unrelated piece of news, we wonder what this guy was thinking, though:

'Nooooo, please, not here!'

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