You Probably Can't Afford This Lamborghini Paper Effigy For 'Qingming'

Perfect for 'Need For Speed: Underworld'.

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You Probably Can't Afford This Lamborghini Paper Effigy For 'Qingming'
Image: Sin Chew Daily
Over the years, we've seen lots of over-the-top paper effigies - some people are burning gadgets such as the Nintendo Wii, some are burning paper guitars - but this Penang family's effigy easily takes the cake this year.

A paper craftsman from Sungai Petani, Kedah recently completed an order for a life-sized golden Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

Craftsman Lin Zhao Wei, 26, told Chinese daily Sin Chew Daily that he received the order from a funeral services company in Penang to burn this coming Qingming Festival (Chinese All Souls Day).

Together with his friend Xu Rong Yao, 30, who specialises in computer design works, they reportedly spent almost a month working on the project at his house in Taman Intan. 

So, how much did he charge his client for the one-of-a-kind paper effigy?

Well, hold on to your seats. He charged them a jaw-dropping RM16,800!

The effigy was so over-the-top (and precious), Zhao Wei reportedly hired a six-wheel lorry just to deliver the paper Lamborghini to the customer.

According to Zhao Wei - who told Sin Chew Daily that he learned the art of paper crafting from a relative - he recently made a mock Porsche for a client.

“I also received orders for super bikes, yachts, aeroplanes and bicycles. Organisations approach me for effigies, too,” he was quoted as saying.

We wonder if he would be open to making a life-size Batmobile...

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