Something Creepy Is Happening In This Malacca Police Station

Was it natural or supernatural?

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Something Creepy Is Happening In This Malacca Police Station
Image: Harian Metro / YouTube
How often do you witness strange happenings at four in the morning?

Probably not too often because most of us would either be in dreamland, binge-watching the latest series on Netflix or burning the midnight oil for an exam the next day.
This particular police station in Banda Hilir, Malacca, however, had quite a scare in the middle of the night several days ago. The occurrence was caught on camera and had gone viral on social media.
Based on a CCTV recording, at 4.21am on 6 April 2017, three police officers are seen seated at the station reception.
All of a sudden, one of the glass doors behind them flung wide open, shocking the policemen at the scene as there was no one near the door.

In fact, the impact was so hard that it reportedly broke the glass door.
If you watch the video closely, you’ll also notice that another door on the right  slid open halfway, as though someone had opened it from the outside.

Is there a solid explanation for this?

The police did come up with a simple explanation for the occurence, though.

Malacca Central Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Shaikh Abdul Adzis Shaikh Abdullah told Harian Metro that he was certain it was caused by pressure from strong winds.

"I have still yet to receive a report from the police station, but I am certain that it was due to wind pressure," he was quoted by the daily as saying.
He would also investigate how the CCTV recording became viral.

So what do you think? Was it natural or... supernatural?

You can watch the video below and decide for yourselves:


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