This Elderly Woman From Kedah Could Be The Oldest Person On Earth

She is four years older than the current oldest person in the world.

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This Elderly Woman From Kedah Could Be The Oldest Person On Earth
Image: Harian Metro
We might not be aware of it, but the world's oldest person might just be residing in Malaysia.

Currently, that record officially belongs to one Violet Brown from Jamaica, who is 117 years old this year.

Enter Puan binti Ahmad, a senior citizen living in Kedah who claims to be 121 years old!

According to a report by Kosmo! Online, Puan Ahmad - or more affectionately known as Tok Puan - was born on 12 April 1896 in Kodiang, Kedah.

Despite her age, the news portal reported that she can stll move around unaided and she can still hear pretty well, although her eyesight was not as sharp as before.

She also told Kosmo! that her general health is good, and she usually relies on traditional medicine for minor illnesses over the years.

Oh, she reportedly still cooks and make her own coffee every day.

That's pretty impressive, considering that we're in our early 30s and we're still lazy to cook or make our own coffee.

She has reportedly outlived six husbands, according to the news portal, and has four children, 19 grandchildren and 60 great grandchildren.

So, what's the secret to her longevity?

Well, according to Puan Ahmad, she's been eating ulam (raw vegetables) since she was a young girl, so she believes that ulam is her fountain of youth.

Okay wait, so why is she not officially the oldest person in the world?

The answer is simple: the registration system had trouble verifying her real age as well as her year of birth.

Back in 2012, Puan Ahmad made headlines when a photograph of her holding her IC went viral online.

Puan Ahmad is not exactly 15 years old.
According to her IC number, she was born on 12 April 1996 - which made her 15 years old at the time, when in fact, she was 115 years old!

The National Registration Department (JPN) told Malay daily Sinar Harian that their system had trouble registering Puan Ahmad's year of birth - which is 1896 - therefore her MyKad starts with a '96', just like those who were born in 1996.

Also, since the system does not recognise the century a person was born, Puan Ahmad is officially (according to JPN, anyway) only 20 years old this year.

That's a real bummer, because we like nothing but for Puan Ahmad to be given the 'Oldest Person In The World' title.

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