Guess How Many Kids Chinese Police Found In This Mini Van

Hint: a lot!

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Guess How Many Kids Chinese Police Found In This Mini Van

This has got to be a Guiness World Record of some sort!

We've heard stories of people getting stuffed into cars - heck, a couple of thieves tried to stuff three adult cows into a Proton Wira in Bukit Mertajam - but this recent incident in China takes the cake.

Traffic police from the Nanyang, Henan province recently stopped a mini van during a routine check and was shocked to find 36 school kids and two adults stuffed into the seven-seater van.

In case you're bad at maths, that's 31 people over the limit.

According to the South China Morning Post, most of the children in the vehicle were kindergarten students, with a couple of them reportedly from primary school.

Now, here's the shocking bit: the driver, identified only as Bai, does not have a valid driving license and the van was not registered.

Not only that, Bai also friggin' runs the kindergarten!

Give us a minute, guys; this is a lot to take in.

The daily reported that Bai is reponsible for driving the kids to and fro the kindergarten every day, using his unlicensed mini van.

We bet he's the kindergarten's gardener as well.
But thankfully, before anything bad could happen, the police have reportedly detained Bai for dangerous driving and his van has been impounded.

As scary as it sounds, such occurences are pretty normal in China: back in September 2011, police in northern China reportedly found 66 youngsters crammed into an eight-seater van.

In case you were wondering, the world record for the most number of people in car was 88, set by students of the Institute of Technology in Ireland on April 2009 who crammed into a campervan.

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