It's Here: WannaCry Ransomware Hits Two Malaysian Companies

Time to panic?

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It's Here: WannaCry Ransomware Hits Two Malaysian Companies

Just when you thought you're safe: you're wrong!

The dreaded WannaCry ransomware, which caused chaos to hundred and thousands of computers around the globe, has reportedly been spotted in Malaysia.

Local IT security services company LGMS told The Star Online in an article that one of its clients, a director of a company in Malaysia, came across the ransomware in his personal laptop on Saturday morning, a day after the virus was released.

LGMS founder C.F. Fong told the news portal that his client did not intend to pay the US$300 (RM1,300) ransom, therefore he was forced to erase all the data in his laptop.

Another of his clients, an automotive shop, was also reportedly affected by the same virus on Sunday morning, and the owner is reportedly considering paying the ransom because they did not have backup for the data.

The blip of death.
According to Fong, a blip started showing in the Klang Valley area on a dedicated WannaCry tracking website at around 3pm on Sunday, which means that the ransomware has officially found his way to Malaysia.

First discovered on Friday, the WannaCry virus has so far affected more than 200,000 individuals and 10,000 organisations in over 150 countries. 

The virus, which prompts the user to pay a ransom of around US$300 (RM1,300) to US$600 (RM2,600), brought several large organisations down to their knees, including sixteen hospitals around the UK and several Renault factories in France. 

We've done a pretty intensive research on the WannaCry ransomware, so if you want to know more about the dreaded virus - especially on how to protect your PC, click here

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