South Korea Has A New President But The Internet Is More Interested In His Bodyguard Instead

His bodyguard probably needs his own personal bodyguard as well.

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South Korea Has A New President But The Internet Is More Interested In His Bodyguard Instead
Image: Twitter / Elena Yip
It has barely been a week since President Moon Jae-in assumed his position as South Korea’s newly-elected president, but his office is already shaking the internet in a way you probably didn't expect.
People all over the world have fallen head over heels for his bodyguard, Choi Young-jae.
Come and protect me!
As a bodyguard protecting a high-profile political figure, a.k.a the President, you’re expected to remain out of sight, always be on alert and ready to tackle any potential harm.
But that’s not the case for Mr. Choi, thanks to his new army of swooning fangirls.
Over the weekend, photos of the 36-year-old bodyguard sent a ripple of mini heart attacks across social media with bodyguard poses that would put Kevin Costner to shame.  
Oh, hello.
His smoldering good looks, chiseled jaw-line and stern eyes sparked jokes on how he may need his own bodyguard to keep his fans at bay.
Who needs to fantasise over another square-jawed K-drama lead actor when you have real-life handsome bodyguard who looks like he belongs in a movie!
His fangirls must be increasing by the minute.
Shortly after pictures of Choi went viral, President Moon’s office issued a rather witty public statement to “address” the issue.
President Moon Jae-in was elected months after former President Park Geun-hye's impeachment.
It explained that Choi was previously an officer in South Korea’s Special Warfare Command, an elite unit on the front-line defending the country from North Korea.
The office also coyly added that he is “unfortunately” married with two daughters.
What a way to capture the public’s eye!
In fact, The Korea Times suggested that President Moon may have actually hired good-looking staff on purpose to create an attractive public face for his new administration, well, since he was quite the looker himself during his younger days.
He must have sent hearts racing during his younger days as well.
Photos of a younger Moon has also gone viral on social media when his campaign camp first released them in 2012.
His dashing good looks drew comments on how he will be South Korea’s “first handsome president”.
So who says that good-looking people in South Korea are found only in the entertainment industry?

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