Brace Yourselves Malaysians, Hotter Days Are Here For The Next Five Months

On a scale of 1-10, the heatwave in Malaysia feels like we’re burning in hell.

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Brace Yourselves Malaysians, Hotter Days Are Here For The Next Five Months
Have you been dreading going out lately? You’re constantly sweating up a storm and finding yourself running to the nearest air-conditioner available? Well it turns out, you are not alone.

Malaysians are experiencing one of the most unfavoured weathers of the year. The heatwave is close to unbearable but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET), the weather is expected to deteriorate the coming months until September.

The news was shared via MET’s Facebook page.

This is due to the south-west monsoon that kicked off on May 17th. The monsoon will result in less rainfall in Peninsular Malaysia. However, our friends in the Sabah and Sarawak region are luckier as they are expected to have more rainfall and consequently experience less heat than us.

So, how bad can the heat be?

According to the MET’s director-general, Alui Bahari, the weather is expected to be dryer after May. But that does not mean there would be no rainfall at all in the Peninsular Malaysia.

“The west coast would experience occasional thunderstorms, heavy rain, as well strong winds, especially in the early morning as a result of the forming of a squall line on the Straits of Malacca” Alui told The Star.

So, to sum up our Malaysian weather, less rainfall area = scorching heat, rainfall area = thunderstorms.

There's no escaping our weather.
No matter which part of Malaysia you’re staying, always stay hydrated and apply sun block if you’re directly exposed to the sun.

Or you can also read our article on how to beat the heat without the air conditioner.

For more info on the website, you can visit MET’s website, Facebook page, or you can download the myCuaca mobile app and reach them at their hotline - 130022-1MET(638).

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