This Futsal Court In Sabah Is Like Something Out Of A Fantasy Novel

We are green with envy (pun not intended).

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This Futsal Court In Sabah Is Like Something Out Of A Fantasy Novel
Image: Facebook/HarimauMalaya

Parents, if you had trouble getting your kid to leave the futsal court in the evening, wait till they see this one!

A picture of a futsal court located in the middle of a forest in Sabah has gone viral on social media over the weekend, and for good reason!

The said photo was first uploaded onto the HarimauMalaya Facebook page on Sunday:

According to the caption accompanying the post, the photo was reportedly taken by a teacher from Sekolah Kebangsaan Logongon in Nabawan, Sabah, using a drone.

From the picture, you can see that the futsal court - despite being surrounded by gorgeous green leaves and not-very-gorgeous creeper plants - is kept neat and tidy.

That was by design, according to the teacher.

The leaves and plants were left to grow to provide kids playing on the court a shelter from the heat of the sun, as well as to provide them with a lung full of fresh air.

But before you even consider invading the court (which is located 70km from Keningau, by the way), getting there is actually kind of an adventure on its own.

According to the teacher, students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Logongon need to hike and walk through hilly terrain for at least 15 minutes to reach the court.

If you're not a student and you would like to get to the court from the Nabawan town, you would need to own a four-wheel drive vehicle. Then, you would need to drive for at least two hours on dangerous logging roads before taking a one-hour trip across a river.

That's a little bit too much work for a game of futsal, don't you think?

Anyhoo, this futsal court in Sabah is nothing compared to this football field located in Eiði, Faroe Island:

Can we just stay there forever?

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