Sorry Guys, The AirAsia Free Tickets Contest Is Not Real

And they're definitely not celebrating their 28th anniversary. At least not yet.

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Sorry Guys, The AirAsia Free Tickets Contest Is Not Real
Image: SBS / AAP
Okay guys, we know you love your free stuff, especially when it comes to flight tickets, but do be extra careful of what you share and participate in!
You never know what you’re spreading if it’s not verified.
In the last couple of days, there was a social media post which has gone viral because it claims that AirAsia is giving out free flight tickets and all you need to do is participate in an online survey.
This survey directs you to a link ( where you’re required to answer a few simple questions to redeem vouchers for your tickets.
Don't click on it.
And don't trick your friends into clicking on it too.
There is also another deal circulating around saying that the low-cost carrier is offering 268 free tickets to celebrate its 28th anniversary.
What? It's been 28 years?!

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but, it’s a scam.

First of all, AirAsia was founded in 1993, so they’re not 28, yet.
Secondly, AirAsia has officially issued a warning against both online scams in a statement.
"Both scams used the AirAsia brand without authorisation and aim to lure the public to participate in it," the company said.
The airline added that it would not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the false scheme and not hesitate to take legal action against individuals or groups which organise illegal schemes using the AirAsia brand.
There is obviously a better and safer way to look out for such offers because it’s not impossible that AirAsia gives away free tickets to its loyal passengers.
Just follow them on all official social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter for the latest announcements and promos.

Don't forget to bring us along if you do win some tickets next time!

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