You Might Have To Get Your Own Dishes During Your Next Mamak Session

No more roti canai and thosai?!

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You Might Have To Get Your Own Dishes During Your Next Mamak Session
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A number of local mamak and Indian restaurants have started going down the self-service route because there’s just not enough workers to go around.
The Malaysian Indian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma) told The Star that about 10% of their members have already started telling their customers to get their own dishes and pay at the cashier, especially restaurants located near offices and shopping malls.
And sadly, some mamaks have already stopped selling your favourite roti canai, thosai and capati due to lack of manpower, including the ever-popular Sri Nirwana Maju Restaurant chain in Bangsar and USJ, Subang Jaya.
What do you mean no more roti canai?!
Unfortunately, these Malaysian favourites will most likely be sold only during selective periods because the workers are not able to cope with the overwhelming orders all day long.

But can the self-service option actually improve the situation?

Some restaurant owners felt that though it may be helpful to have the customers get their own food, it doesn’t solve the core worker-shortage issue because they still need people to prepare the food and clean up.
In fact, this problem is so serious that some restaurants have reduced their operating hours because of that, and in worse cases, resorted to closing their businesses.

A restaurant owner told the news portal that a normal mamak needs at least 30 workers to run, and anything less than that would push them to work double hard.
So let’s be nicer to those who work in the service industry because you wouldn’t want your favourite mamak joint or Indian restaurant to be the next one to close down!

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