Malaysia Has One Of The Fastest Internet Connections In Asia Pacific. Umm, How?

In fact, we made top ten.

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Malaysia Has One Of The Fastest Internet Connections In Asia Pacific. Umm, How?

There are plenty of fast things in Malaysia - bus drivers on the PLUS highway, how fast the government wants to increase fuel prices every week - but Internet speed is not one of them, right?

Boy, you're so wrong.

Apparently, according to a survey by international content delivery network service provider Akamai, our negara tercinta has one of the fastest internet connections in the whole of Asia Pacific!

In fact, we came in at a respectable 10th spot.

Akamai's First Quarter 2017 State of the Internet Report revealed that we have an average connection speed of 8.9 Megabits per second (Mbps) - which is reportedly a 9.1 per cent increase from the previous quarter and a whopping 17 per cent increase from the first quarter of last year.

Also, a 17 per cent quarter-on-quarter and a 179 per cent year-on-year improvement were recorded in the 10 Mbps Broadband Adoption category, Akamai said in a statement.

Akamai said recent developments in the local telecom space, such as the introduction of the 5G and 4.5G network, contributed to Malaysia's rise in the ranking.

Despite all that, we're still miles - and we mean, miles x 1,000 - compared to more developed countries in the region.

For example, 12 countries that were surveyed in Asia Pacific enjoyed an average peak speed of above 50 Mbps. South Korea and Hong Kong reportedly recorded an average speed of at least 100 Mbps.

Our neighbour, Singapore - who topped this year's list, both in Asia Pacific and the world - reportedly has an average connection speed of 184.5 Mbps!!!

That's it lah; we're gonna go on a mission to steal Singapore's internet.

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