5 New Things We Can Do Now That Signatures Are Just a Formality

We imagine the possibilities of a world where signatures on documents still exempt us from responsibility.

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5 New Things We Can Do Now That Signatures Are Just a Formality
Well, it's still required. As a formality.

In an interview done by Channel News Asia, we discovered through Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun that signatures are simply formalities and that the PM might not fully know what he is signing for. In relation to questioning who is responsible for the 1MDB documents signed off by our Prime Minister, Moh Harafizam argues that the most important question to ask is, "Who made the decision? …it’s not the Prime Minister that make the decision, it’s the board of 1MDB." 

We can totally relate though, the documents were probably like the Terms & Conditions on your iPhone, it’s 56-pages long and to continue with your day you just have to click “Agree”. So what does this mean for us?

You no longer need to pay your credit card bills

Huh? What? Who?

Possible excuse: “The cashier kept saying, 'Sign here! Sign here!' I didn’t understand what she was saying because I wasn’t paying attention, but she wouldn’t let go of the clothes I wanted so I just signed that little piece of paper with lots of numbers on it.”

You can just walk out on your marriage any time

Here's your ring!
Possible excuse: “Yeah, my wife’s the one who kept pestering me to get a number at this building in Putrajaya. I waited for half a day and walked into a depressing pink room with both of our parents and we all competed in a signing contest. I think I won because everyone was cheering at the end.”

You can get free gifts from courier companies if you greet them first

It's mine! It's all mine!

Possible excuse: “The Pos Laju man just said 'sign here' when I answered the door at my office and he gave me a box. I love free presents!”

Guarantors are free to go

Meh. How was I supposed to know?

Possible excuse: “My son didn’t tell me that he decided to make me a guarantor for his house. I thought he just wanted tips on how to sign perfectly like me. I hope his wife and kids have somewhere else to live because I heard the bank repossessed his house.”

Employees can walk out anytime or do anything they want and still get paid

That's actually all of us all the time.
Possible excuse: “I didn’t actually read that offer letter you sent me. It was long and boring but I read that you were going to pay me every month and I liked that part. I didn't know I had to actually be in the office for that.”

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