All Touch ‘n Go Reload Booths At PLUS Toll Plazas Will Be Closed During Hari Raya Period

The reload booths will be closed from 22nd June until 2nd July.

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All Touch ‘n Go Reload Booths At PLUS Toll Plazas Will Be Closed During Hari Raya Period
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Have you ever had that uneasy feeling at the pit of your stomach whenever you’re approaching the toll booths?

You pray to God and hope that your Touch ‘n Go balance is sufficient so that you don’t cause a jam at that lane?

"Please, please, toll booth Gods, help me"
Well, you’re not alone.

Most Malaysians experience this on a daily basis and what they normally do is either drive away to the nearest reload booth or walk there and hope that the people waiting for them will not lose their patience.

But since the Hari Raya festivity is coming real soon, you might not want to take this risk, as all 134 Touch ‘n Go reload booths at PLUS toll plazas will be closed to ensure smooth traffic flow.

The reload booths will cease operations from 22nd June until 2nd July.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS).

Malaysians are advised to reload their PLUSMiles or Touch n’ Go cards in advance and ensure that they have sufficient balance throughout the whole journey.

According to a PLUS spokesperson, the decision was made with the intention to reduce congestion made at the reload lanes which would cause inconvenience to other motorists who are not topping up, as reported by The Sun.

“Additionally, the public can opt to top up their cards at 9,200 other locations nationwide, including automated teller machines (ATM), 24-hour convenience stores and petrol stations, including those operating at rest and service (R&R) areas along the highway,” he said.

Motorists can also reload at customer service centres at selected toll plaza which will be operating as usual from 7am until 10pm, daily.

What do you think of this move? Will it help reduce the congestion at toll booths or will it be an inconvenience to others?

Well, one thing’s for sure, be prepared or be sorry! You don’t want to be the anxious guy who’s causing the jam at your toll lane.

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