These Four Malaysian Cadets Have Been Accepted Into Prestigious US Military Academies

And we couldn't be more proud.

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These Four Malaysian Cadets Have Been Accepted Into Prestigious US Military Academies
Image: The Star
The nation has been in a solemn mood in the past week over several hard-hitting news that have become the talk of the town.
But these four young Malaysian cadets have made the country proud with their latest achievement.
Muhammad Salihin Mohd Sabri (19) and M. Sayniish Pillay (19) from the National Defence University of Malaysia, and Malaysian Royal Military College (RMC) graduates Ahmad Yusuf Ahmad Azani (18) and Wan Kamal Fitri Wan Kamal Baharein (19) have successfully entered some of the most prestigious military academies in the United States.
The four teens earned their spot among thousands of candidates from all around the world, a feat that has been achieved by only 23 Malaysian cadets in the past 20 years.
Their acceptance into US military academies has been highly praised by the US Embassy.
According to US Embassy charge d’affaires Edgard Kagan in a report by The Star, between 15,000 and 18,000 applications are submitted to the academies every year and only 10% get accepted.
It is indeed a huge honour and golden opportunity for the four cadets to strive for excellence in their careers.
Muhammad Salihin, who aspires to be a fighter pilot, will be attending the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.
Ahmad Yusuf is headed for the US Naval Academy in Maryland, whereas Wan Kamal Fitri and Sayniish have both been accepted into the United States Military Academy, also known as West Point.
Congratulations to the four young cadets! Malaysians are indeed extremely proud of you young lads.

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