What's The One Thing Malaysians Also Do While They Are Up For Sahur?

We are a multi-tasking bunch.

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What's The One Thing Malaysians Also Do While They Are Up For Sahur?

It looks like Malaysians do not only wake up early for sahur; they do their online shopping at the same time too.

A study by online shopping site iPrice Group revealed that Malaysians wake up as early as 4am to shop online during the month of Ramadhan.

The study also revealed that traffic to shopping sites drop almost 90 per cent by 5am.

What that means, according to iPrice's representative Jeremy Chew, is that while Malaysians were up for sahur, they were also doing some online shopping.

Chew told The New Straits Times that traffic to online shopping sites would pick up once Muslim prayers were completed, signalling that Malaysians remained active online before they left for work or school.

In fact, Malaysians continue their online shopping activities during lunch time.

"There is a 21 per cent increase in activity as many will be shopping online during their lunch breaks," Chew told the daily.

The traffic will reportedly hit the peak at around 3pm, according to Chew, before gradually tailing off as Malaysians prepare to buka puasa at around 7pm.

So, what do Malaysians generally buy online during the month of Ramadhan?

According to online shopping marketplace 11street, a lot of Malaysians shop for clothing, electronics and groceries, but one thing that stood out the most was - you'll never guess it - e-vouchers.

The site noted that in 2016, the website saw a significant increase in the purchase of e-vouchers. In fact, searches for food and beverage e-vouchers reportedly surged to more than 1.2 million during the Ramadhan period last year.

11street CEO Hoseok Kim told The Star Online that the site expect online shoppers to purchase more e-vouchers, especially for buka puasa buffets.

Yep, Malaysians never say no to cheaper food.

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