Good News Guys, You Can Now Pee Anywhere, Anytime

If you've been having trouble with that, a university in Melaka just came up with a solution.

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Good News Guys, You Can Now Pee Anywhere, Anytime
Image: Bernama
Well, it’s not that it has always been a problem for guys. But a university in Melaka just invented something that supposedly helps you pee without having to use the toilet!
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) recently made a product known as Suci Uris, which functions as a “male urinal system”.
UTeM vice chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Shahrin Sahib told Bernama that it took the university about one year to come up with the product after conducting applied research.

Oh-kay, but who exactly are they targeting with the Suri Uris?

According to Prof Shahrin, the urinal system mainly targets the Umrah and Haj pilgrims whenever they need to urinate in the Holy Land.
Besides that, the product is also suitable for motorists who are stuck in traffic jams, patients in hospitals or homes who face difficulty moving around, as well as tourists who have trouble finding toilets nearby.

Super useful for your balik kampung trips.

So, how does it work?

 Manufactured using a type of durable and non-burstable plastic, the components are made up of containers, a urine bag and a khasyafah (penis) holder stored in a portable bag that weighs about 600g.
The product is also equipped with a sprinkler system for consumers to wash themselves.
Currently, there are already about 1,000 sets of Suci Uris available in stock. You can find it online on Facebook and Instagram under “sepektrumuci”, priced at RM159.

They have already received a lot of requests from Indonesia, hence, the product is expected to sell up to 15,000 units in the near future.
Suci Uris, which is supported by Lembaga Tabung Haji and SIRIM, has also received the shariah-compliant status from the Melaka State Mufti.
It sure sounds like a very user-friendly product that is suitable for all ages. Maybe they should start developing one for the ladies as well!

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