There's A New Taxi Hailing App In Town

Hey, if it saves us from having to drive, why not?

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There's A New Taxi Hailing App In Town
Somebody is out to give Uber and Grab a run for their money.
PICKnGO is a brand new app for hailing taxi rides in Malaysia that connects users to up to 10,000 taxi drivers.
According to New Straits Times, The application promises more advanced booking features and a better taxi experience in collaboration with major taxi providers as well as a foreign partner.

But what sets PICKnGO apart from other ride hailing services?
First of all, all the taxi drivers registered under the app are licensed, fully insured and have undergone proper training. So you can be sure to get a professional and fully qualified driver from the moment you make a booking.
Another key benefit is the app’s consistent and metered rates because the company doesn’t plan to practise surge pricing. You’ll also have the option of selecting a lower fare according to your preference.
Once you’re connected to a taxi driver, you’ll be able to access the driver’s identity profile and track them to know when they’ll arrive.
PICKnGO will also install an SOS button in the near future to heighten the safety and security of passengers.
Stay tuned for more special features of the app when it is officially launched on 7 August.
We know there are quite a number of services like this to choose from nowadays. But hey, if there’s a way for us to stop having to endure driving through the city, we’ll take it!
At the moment, PICKnGO’s services will only be available across Greater Kuala Lumpur. You can now download the app for free on iOS and Android.

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