This Family In Sabah Created A Mini Theme Park With A Unique Concept

Gotta say, it looks pretty ant-joyable!

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This Family In Sabah Created A Mini Theme Park With A Unique Concept
Image: Borneo Ant House
What started out as a family project turned into Malaysia’s first underground gallery and theme park.
Located in Tuaran which is about 35km from Kota Kinabalu, a local family created the Borneo Ant House that is just one of a kind.
The unique thing about this gallery is its design. Mimicking the nature of ants living underground, the house embodies the concept of... yes, you guessed it... ant nests!
Upon entering the ant house, you’ll be greeted by giant ant sculptures at the main entrance and a room filled with ants on the walls.
You might want to stay away from this room if you're easily creeped out.
The main attractions include three galleries – one with the ant replicas that comes with educational information about the insect, another on the culture of ethnic groups in Sabah and Sarawak, and one on, umm, swords.
According to chief executive officer Sufiah Abd Rahim Lee, Borneo Ant House decided to focus on four ethnic groups in the gallery, namely the Bajau and Dusun Lotud that make up the majority of population in Tuaran, as well as the Iban and Bidayuh who are the largest ethnic groups in Sarawak.
They also decided to educate people on swords among other weapons because the people of Borneo were once popularly known as headhunters.
For those who love nature, you can also enjoy a canopy walk and check out the modern tree house at the theme park.
Be one with nature.The modern tree house. Wonder if it is air conditioned?
Sufiah told New Straits Times that as the house symbolises the hardworking nature of ants, her family aims to create job opportunities for villagers living nearby at the Borneo Ant House.
The family invested approximately RM700,000 to build this underground gallery on three acres of land.
The entrance fee costs RM18 for Malaysian adults, and RM9 for children aged 12 and below, the disabled, as well as senior citizens aged 6- and above.
Tickets for foreign visitors are priced at RM36 for adults and RM18 for children aged 12 and below, and senior citizens.
Borneo Ant House officially opens its doors this weekend on 1 July. For more details on the gallery, visit

Are you ready for some ant-icing fun? Who knows, maybe the gallery will expand into a full on ant colony in the future!

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