Apparently Many People Want To Show Off That They're 'Boss' In Perak

Gotta admit, it's pretty creative.

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Apparently Many People Want To Show Off That They're 'Boss' In Perak
Image: Johor Times
Showing off using their vehicle license plates, that is.
People can be very creative with their car registration plates, especially when they can afford it.
We’re sure you’ve seen all kinds of registration plate numbers on the road and usually, those with a unique arrangement of alphabets and numbers would stand out from the rest.
Ever wondered how much do single-digit vehicle registration plate numbers cost?
Recently, a new set of registration numbers have been getting a lot of attention.
Many people have been asking the Perak Road Transport Department (JPJ) about the registration numbers AKU 805, AKU 8055 and AKU 1305.
Can you figure out why?
Well, because they practically say “AKU BOSS”, which means “I am the boss” in Malay.
The state’s JPJ director general Mohd Zawawi Zakaria told The Star that they’re expecting a lot of bids for the popular plate coming in over the next couple of weeks, starting today (3 July) until 18 July.
Mohd Zawawi Zakaria (left) and Perak JPJ vehicle license registration unit chef Ridzuan Rayman (right) with the bidding box.
Those who are interested can choose from three categories of numbers – golden numbers, attractive numbers and popular numbers.
The minimum bid for golden numbers (1 to 10) is RM10,000, attractive numbers (11 to 19) and repetitive numbers (e.g. 77, 888 or 9999) go for RM2,000, and popular numbers start from RM300.
Zawawi also added that even though 805, 8055 and 1305 are normal running numbers, the expected high demand have landed them in the popular numbers category.
So, will you be bidding for these plate numbers?

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