This Businessman Decorated His Jaguar With A Lot Of Toy Cars

It looks like it came straight out of a wallpaper!

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This Businessman Decorated His Jaguar With A Lot Of Toy Cars
Image: The New Straits Times
A Malaysian businessman has made the first car he bought 12 years ago a bit more colourful.
Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman covered his Jaguar with more than 4,600 Hot Wheels which he has been collecting since he was young.
In an interview with Bernama, the 34-year-old said he decided to do this on his first car which held sentimental value to him.
The project, which costs about RM20,000, took him approximately three weeks to complete using a special kind of glass glue.
Evidently, a car decorated in such a unique way attracted a lot of attention since he started driving it around in January.
People would come up and take photos of the car whenever and wherever he parked. Luckily, no one has stolen any of the toy car glued to the car so far as long as he parks at a safe spot.

Total car-ception.
Mahadi has also had some people approaching him who are interested to purchase the car. However, he never thought about selling his Jaguar because it was his dream car since he was young.
He may or may not do the same thing on the other vehicles he owns, but he did consider sticking toy cars on his blazers or suits.
“The idea may sound crazy but when we are creative, we will be more positive,” he said.

It might sound a little crazy, to be honest, but we do appreciate a bit of creativity once in a while!

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