A Disabled Malaysian Pilot Plans To Make The Fastest Ever Solo Round Trip Around The World

Around the world in 80 days?

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A Disabled Malaysian Pilot Plans To Make The Fastest Ever Solo Round Trip Around The World
Image: Textron Aviation/The Sun Daily

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a Malaysian pilot doing something freakishly amazing!

A former Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) officer plans to set a world record next year - and we are all for it!

Khamaruzaman Mohd Yusof, 57, wants to become the first disabled person to carry out the fastest solo flight around the world, according to a report by Bernama.

The former pilot -- who became disabled in 2007 after a freak accident put him in a coma for three months and paralysed him for four years -- is set to kick off his solo trip from Kuala Pilah in April 2018. 

Using a high-performance ligthweight aircraft called the Cessna TTx, Khamaruzaman plans to fly westward across 22 countries, cutting across Thai­land, Myanmar, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia and finally, the Antartica.

The journey will reportedly cover a distance of 40,000km!

Meet the Cessna TTxThe brave Malaysian, who served the RMAF for 13 years, told Bernama that for the mission, he underwent six months of hardcore training at the Manila Aeroclub Flying Academy in the Philippines.

Of course, you can be sure that fellow Malaysians will be cheering on Khamaruzaman when he flags off next year. 

The Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer
Currently, the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the earth belongs to Steve Fossett, who flew the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer a distance of 36,912 kilometres in just two days, 19 hours, 1 minute and 46 seconds without stopping or refuelling.

Of course, we can't compare Fossett's effort to the one Khmaruzaman will be attempting as the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer is an aircraft that's in a class by itself.

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