Hey Guys, Apparently We Have One Of The Cheapest Taxi Fares In The World

Surprise, surprise!

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Hey Guys, Apparently We Have One Of The Cheapest Taxi Fares In The World

To be honest, we never thought, in our lifetime, that we'll have to say this, but apparently Malaysia has one of the cheapest taxi fares in the world.

Yup, that's right; the same country where taxi drivers were known to allagedly charge tourists RM50 for a five minute taxi ride.

So anyway, the 2017 Taxi Price Index, carried out by UK online car site Carspring, revealed that a three-kilometer taxi ride in Kuala Lumpur would cost an average of USD1.89 (RM8.10).

That is good enough for eighth spot on the list.

Our neighbours Singapore, meanwhile, occupied the 20th spot, with passengers paying an average of USD4.01 (RM17.18) for a 3km ride. Our other neighbours, Jakarta (RM6.30) and Bangkok (RM7.03), took the third and seventh spot respectively.

The title of the cheapest taxi fare in the world belongs to Cairo, Egypt, where a 3km ride will only cost you USD0.55 (RM2.36).

Zurich, Switzerland unfortunately took the top (bottom?) spot in the list, with an average cost of  USD25.25 (RM108.22). That's A LOT of money to waste on a beat-up, funky-smelling cab.

That makes us feel just a little bit better.

'KLIA so far lah from my house'The Index, which surveyed a total of 80 countries in the world, also examined taxi fares from a country's airport to the city center.

'KLIA so far from KL, of course we won't be the cheapest in this category lah', we hear you say.

Turns out, you're quite right. Malaysia occupied the 22nd spot in the list, with an average taxi fare of USD19.68 (RM84.35) to get to the city center from KLIA. 

That might sound like a lot, but be thankful that we don't live in Tokyo, Japan, because a trip to the city center from its airport costs a whopping USD189.91 (RM813.95)!

We'll just walk lah then. It's going to take at least seven days, but it's OK; we don't want to eat only bread for the rest of our trip in Tokyo.

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