For A Couple Of Hours, Bill Gates Was Not The Richest Person On Earth

Someone actually dethroned him.

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For A Couple Of Hours, Bill Gates Was Not The Richest Person On Earth
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Meanwhile, we are still waiting for pay day to arrive. Sigh.

For as long as we can remember, Bill Gates has always been the world's richest man. 

Until Thursday, that is.

The Microsoft founder was dethroned as the richest man on Earth by none other than Jeff Bezos, the CEO of e-commerce site Amazon.

According to a report by financial website Forbes, the 53-year-old Bezos' net worth peaked at USD91 billion (RM389 billion) on Thursday morning, surpassing Gates' net worth of USD90.4 billion (RM386 billion). 

That's, like, RM389 billion more than what we have in our bank account right now.

The face you make when you're the richest man on Earth.However, Bezos only warmed the World's Richest Man seat for only a couple of hours though, as a dip in Amazon stock prices in the afternoon caused Bezos to to slip back behind the 61-year-old Gates.

Bezos, who started selling books from his garage almost 22 years ago, finished the day with a net worth of USD88.8 billion (RM380 billion), behind Gates' USD89.8 billion (RM384 billion).

A billion dollars make a whole lot of difference, it seems.

Don't feel too bad for Bezos, though; according to Forbes, experts predict that Bezos will permanently become the world's richest man in the coming days of weeks.

When that happens, he will reportedly become the first man to bump Gates off the top of the rich list in seven years.

He will also become only the sixth man to hold the richest man title in the past 30 years.

Meanwhile, we're still holding on to the title of 'Broke AF' for 20 years in a row now. That's a pretty good achievement, right?

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