This 12-Year-Old Just Won The World Invention Creativity Contest

He invented something that could solve your pet cat's worries.

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This 12-Year-Old Just Won The World Invention Creativity Contest
Image: Universiti Malaysia Perlis
If you have cats at home and you always worry about your feline friends not having enough food whenever you’re away, this 12-year-old may have found the perfect solution for you.
You're not doing your job, servant!
Muhammad Danish Syafi Mohd Azdikirana from Perlis invented the Solar Cat Feeder that won him the World Invention Creativity Contest (WICC) held in Seoul, South Korea.
The SK Putra student created this with the help of his sister Nur Marissa Maisara Mohd Azdikirana and his friend Amirul Haziq Mohd Shamsudin, who are both aged 11.
Danish told the New Straits Times that he came up with the idea for the Solar Cat Feeder when his family was trying to find a way to make sure their eight cats had enough food when they weren’t home.
The food box dispenses cat food in a fixed amount when it detects a cat approaching with its built-in sensors.
“It has a five-minute waiting period before dispensing another round of food if the same or another cat gets close to the box,” he explained.

Never deny cats of their food!
This sounds very practical for a lot of cat owners out there. And now you don't have to worry about spending money to send them to the pet hostel when you're travelling!
Danish had qualified for the competition after his invention won first place at the Perlis Engineering Research and Learning Innovation Symposium (PERLIS) 3.0 two months ago.
WICC is a global competition organised by the Korea University Invention Association (KUIA) to encourage and enhance innovation and creativity skills among students from around the world.

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