JPJ To Introduce New Car Tint Rules. For Real This Time. Maybe. We Don't Know.

This sounds familiar.

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JPJ To Introduce New Car Tint Rules. For Real This Time. Maybe. We Don't Know.

Super proud of your new car window tint that's as black as your soul? Good, here's a saman.

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has introduced a new standard for car window tints, according to a report by The Star Online.

All new vehicles registered on and after 1 January 2018 will have to comply with the new MS2669 standard.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai told the news portal that the new films will come with QR Code Security labels to make it easier for enforcement officers to determine whether the films are legal or not.

With the implementation of this new system -- which was developed by the Malaysia Auto Audio, Accessories and Air-Conditioner Traders Association (AAA) -- suppliers and retailers are required by law to use the QR safety code label before they can install the films on vehicles.

Through the system, the retailers, authorities and even the consumers could check the code to see if it meets the new requirements.

This, according to Liow, would ensure that consumers do not buy unregulated and sometimes fake tint films.

The QR code and the app to scan the code will be ready by mid-November, Liow added.

Follow these magic numbers.
So, what happens if your car window tints do not meet the new regulations? Well, you would need to replace them with the new, government-approved films immediately.

If you fail to do that, you will be issued a RM300 summons.

Think about it, guys: you can buy a lot of new clothes - black like your soul - with RM300. 

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