You Can Now WhatsApp Rapid KL Your Feedback Or Complaint About Its Rail Services

They need your help to stop vandalism or misbehaviour on the MRT, LRT and monorail!

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You Can Now WhatsApp Rapid KL Your Feedback Or Complaint About Its Rail Services
Image: TODAYonline / AFP
This past week, Rapid KL has taken to social media to highlight examples of bad etiquette by commuters on the MRT.
Now, the rail services operator has decided to take their efforts to stop vandalism and other misbehaviour to the next level with the help of citizens.
Rapid KL has reportedly established a special mobile number for members of the public to share any feedback about their experience while taking the LRT, MRT and monorail services.
You can now send a text message or image via WhatsApp to 0107664472 if you spot any misconduct by a fellow commuter, or if you just feel like complimenting someone at Rapid KL that day.
But don’t take advantage of this and start sending pictures of your nasi lemak burger or workout selfies lah.

Rapid Rail CEO Datuk Zohari Sulaiman told Bernama that this will be managed by the Rapid KL contact centre team who will then share the feedback with the relevant staff for further action.
They may also share them with the public on a need basis, like their recent witty Facebook and Instagram posts, in order to improve its service and travel experience.

Glad you had a pleasant time. 😁😁 Repost from @akiko_suisen @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Took my 72yo mak along to check out hw 'friendly' the MRT is. First time for both of us. 9.40am Route Kajang (integrated with ktm komuter st) to MRt Merdeka St bcoz we wanted to go to menara Maybank. One smooth ride twas, tall escalators actually working, no urine smell like tht of ktm stations. I do hope thse X factors last bcoz we msians, the taxpayers helped pay for ths. Yg yg tk reti2 byr cukai pun boleh guna. Lagi meriah Congrats to MRT Malaysia, Prasarana.. Not bcoz i want to praise AG but bcoz i know a lot of those involved in realizing this project worked their ass off fr ths. In the process, put their families second. Today, i see many students from the afternoon session taking the MRT. Like their parents, my girl too rely on public transport to go to school. It's cheap. What a relif for those in mid and lower income brackets. Betullah klau kita faham masalah org kita tk akan kondem lebih2. Besi suasa to some, diamond to others Well done mrtmalaysia . Alhamdulillah. Keepup the good work #publictransport #cleanliness #notovandalism #seamlesstravel

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“While we have hundreds of security personnel on duty and thousands of CCTVs installed at our facilities and onboard our trains, the immediate censure and feedback from members of the public are needed for us to keep unruly acts in check.
“Hence, we seek the support of our commuters. Help us to tell off people who you see committing acts of vandalism, indecency and misbehaviour. If you do not feel comfortable to do that, snap a photo and share it with us for appropriate action to be taken,” Zohari said.
But do take note that only feedback shared via WhatsApp will be entertained.

And if the public takes this new channel well, this could be extended to the Rapid KL bus services as well in the future!

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