Terengganu Is Giving Away Free Land For You To Build Your Own Home

Can us KL folks have some here too?

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Terengganu Is Giving Away Free Land For You To Build Your Own Home
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Terengganu folks, you’re in luck because the state government is giving you land for free!
Locals who are eligible to purchase affordable homes are entitled to free residential lots as an alternative to buying houses that have already been built.
The state government has reportedly been stretched financially in terms of building houses.
Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman told Bernama that the state had previously subsidised up to RM72,000 per unit to help locals purchase affordable homes.

These houses were built at a cost of RM140,000 per unit and sold at only RM68,000 per unit.
So offering free land to eligible locals is the next ideal way to ensure that they could still own homes.
Maybe you can build something like this.
But here comes the most important question: How much land exactly is Terengganu giving away?
According to Ahmad Razif, there are currently 5,939 free residential lots up for grabs.
"After getting the land they can borrow either from the government or banks, according to their ability, to build the houses," he said. 

This way, it is possible for you to invest more in designing your own home without having to pay a fortune, like you would for a luxury home!

What are you waiting for? If you’re planning on buying your first home, here’s a good way to start and level up in your #adulting journey!

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