A Malaysian Just Became An Instant Millionaire By Placing Third In A 'DOTA 2' Tournament

Video games do pay the bills.

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A Malaysian Just Became An Instant Millionaire By Placing Third In A 'DOTA 2' Tournament
Image: Prodota

The next time your mom yells at you for spending too much time in front of the PC, show her this story.

A Malaysian and his pro-gamer teammates took home a jaw-dropping USD2.5mil (RM10.75mil) just by competing in a 'Defense of the Ancients 2' (or better known as DOTA 2) tournament over the weekend, according to a report by Malaysiakini.

Tue "Ahfu" Soon Chuan, who hails from Selangor, was part of a five-man professional gaming team called LGD Forever Young.

LGD Forever Young finished third in the super prestigious, super lucrative The International 2017 - the biggest DOTA 2 tournament in the entire universe which offers the largest prize pool in eSports.

The winnings, of course, are subjected to taxes by the US government, but it is still enough to make all of them instant millionaires post-tax.

Team Liquid, an outfit based in the Netherlands, took the grand prize of USD10.8mil (RM43million), while Chinese team Newbee finished second and pocketed USD3.9mil (RM16.7mil).

That's a lot of money for just playing video games, kan?

The International 2017 is like a rock concert.
This wasn't the first time a Malaysian was part of a winning team at The International, though. 

Wong "ChuaN" Hock Chuan from Johor, one-fifth of the China-based team Invictus Gaming, won the tournament back in 2012. Two Malaysian teams also came in third in the tournament back in 2013 and 2016.

OK lah, we'll quit our jobs and start playing games from now on! 

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