Guess What? Malaysia Doesn't Have The Slowest Internet In The World!

Even though you may think we do most of the time.

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Guess What? Malaysia Doesn't Have The Slowest Internet In The World!
Image: The Rakyat Post
Oh, how we just love waiting to see the words 'download complete' whenever we're attempting to download the latest movie or Game of Thrones episode.

Despite the number of companies offering high speed internet deals in Malaysia, the sad truth is, we’re still far, far behind the country with the fastest download speed in the world, which happens to be just one causeway link away from us.
According to a recent study by M-Lab, Singapore reportedly recorded a download speed of 55.13Mbps.  As for Malaysia, we are ranked no. 63 in the world out of 189 countries with the highest recorded download speed of 6.69Mbps.
In other words, as calculated by Free Malaysia Today, if you were to download a 7.5GB HD movie in Singapore, it’ll take you about 18 minutes, and roughly two and a half hours in Malaysia.
M-Lab is a partnership between New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research and Princeton University’s PlanetLab, which conducted this study with more than 63 million broadband speed tests for over 12 months.
Unfortunately, it will take us quite a while (if ever) to have the same internet speed as Singapore. But the good news is we’re still ahead of our Southeast Asian neighbours!
Malaysia is ranked number three among ASEAN countries behind Thailand, ranked 29th place with a download speed of 16.85Mbps.
We’re also have faster internet than these following countries:
  • Indonesia (75th, 5.19Mbps)
  • Brunei (86th, 3.83 Mbps)
  • The Philippines (87th, 3.69Mbps)
  • Cambodia (98th, 3.1Mbps)
  • Myanmar (118th, 2.09Mbps)
So it's either we watch our favourite shows and movies on TV or at the cinema, or just be patient. Because patience is virtue.

But to the taikors of Malaysia, please find a way to give us faster internet because some of us just have no patience.

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