Malaysia's Largest Dota 2 Tournament Is Coming Soon And The Prize Money Is Insane

Convince your parents and sign up now.

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Malaysia's Largest Dota 2 Tournament Is Coming Soon And The Prize Money Is Insane
Image: MESL
Several days ago, a Malaysian pro-gamer made headlines by placing third in an international Dota 2 tournament and walked away with more than USD2.5mil (RM10.75mil).
Now, for those of you who are still trying to convince your parents that eSports is legit, a local Dota 2 tournament has just been announced and it is Malaysia’s largest one yet.
If your parents still don’t buy it, then maybe you should tell them about the prize money.
The Malaysia eSports League (MESL), which kicks off from 2 September onwards, reportedly has a staggering prize pool of RM500,000!
The organiser Mineski Events Team (MET) aims to nurture a new group of homegrown Dota 2 players to compete against the world’s best in international tournaments.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or professional, MESL is offering the opportunity to make your mark on the local Dota 2 scene.
“We want create a platform to develop more young talents like Chai Yee Fung (Mushi) and Tue Soon Chuan (Ah Fu), who have achieved success in the eSports industry,” MET managing director Kenchi Yap told the New Straits Times.
The team also looks forward to seeing more Malaysian representatives at the international tournament next year.

MESL will run for six months with a qualifier, group and playoff stage before ending with the grand finale, slated for February next year.
Go as far as you can!
And here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.
The champion will take home RM150,000! The first runner-up will win RM50,000, and the third place and fourth place will take home RM20,000 each.
Mom, dad, it's legit.
And if the champions are active U Mobile users, MESL’s title sponsor U Mobile will reward them with an additional RM50,000!
The league is open to all Malaysians, but foreign players can participate as well as long as you have at least three Malaysians in your team. If you’re interested, register your teams at the official MESL website.
As for those who’re just interested to watch and comment on how other people play, you can tune in to the live streaming on Astro eGG Network or

So guys and gals, you know what to do!

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