This Malaysian Won A SEA Games Gold Medal – While She’s FIVE Months Pregnant!

See, who run the world? Girls!

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This Malaysian Won A SEA Games Gold Medal – While She’s FIVE Months Pregnant!
Image: Bernama
On Thursday, we had all sorts of epic feats during the 2017 KL SEA Games – from record-breaking performances to winning another handful of gold medals.

But there was one particular sporting event that caught our attention – equestrian dressage.

National equestrian athletes and siblings Mohd Qabil Ambak Mahamad Fathil and Quzandria Nur Mahamad Fathil came out of their decade-long retirement just to compete in this installment of the SEA Games and to help put Malaysia on the map once again.

The duo’s track record was nothing but of gold quality as both of them have previously won numerous gold medals in past SEA Games.

Yesterday was a remarkable day for the national equestrian team as not only did they bag the gold medal in the team dressage event, Quzandria also managed to clinch the gold medal for the individual dressage category.

Congrats, you deserve it after 16 years!
The win was made even more special after Malaysians found out that Quzandria is actually five-months pregnant while she was galloping her way to victory!

Normally, women who are at that stage of pregnancy are already starting to make preparations for their newborn but she proves that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

Quzandria put on a spectacular show with her horse Rosenstolz and secured 152.029 points for the win.
Her brother Qabil also competed and won silver with 149.547 points. The bronze medal went to Singapore’s Caroline Chew who scored 145.588 points.

Quzandria was overwhelmed with emotions and was very happy that she and her brother managed to secure a 1-2 win for Malaysia.

Although being pregnant while competing in major sporting events might be a great concern for athletes, Quzandria made sure to take all the necessary steps before doing so.

You go, girl!
“I am five months pregnant. I consulted my doctor before the SEA Games and subsequently decided to compete,” she told the New Straits Times.

“When I was training and competing, I told myself not to think about my pregnancy and that it would not stop me from achieving my goal.”

She kept her pregnancy a secret because it would be her first child and she didn’t want the focus to shift on her during the Games. She also believes that her baby might have carried some luck during the event.

“Maybe, my pregnancy brought me luck today. Things were more challenging today but the win made it even more meaningful.”

After achieving her goal and beating her brother in the 16-year sibling rivalry, the 35-year-old will be recuperating at home.

Nothing like a healthy brother-sister rivalry.
Her brother Qabil couldn’t be more proud of his sister’s outstanding achievement.

“She deserved it. She really gave it her all out there to beat me this time. It was a great show,” he told The Star.

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