This Fit Bunch Just Became The First Malaysians To Scale One Of The World's Highest Peaks On Bike

What a way to celebrate the upcoming Malaysia Day!

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This Fit Bunch Just Became The First Malaysians To Scale One Of The World's Highest Peaks On Bike
Image: Nepal Guide Info
Hiking up Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia at over 4,000 ft, is already a killer plan (this is just a figure of speech, so don't panic if you're actually planning to climb!). So imagine going up one of the highest peaks in the world, but not just by foot!
Nur Azhami Mohamad Anil Shah and nine other cyclists just became the first Malaysians to scale the summit of Annapurna by riding and carrying a mountain bike all the way to the top!
In a report by Malay Mail, the 29-year-old endurance specialist led the team of cyclists shortlisted from 112 people to reach the top of Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.
Proud to be Malaysian!
The distance for this expedition reportedly covered 260km in total at 5,416m above sea level!
The team, which consists of members from the Malaysian Recreation Council, had been training for almost five months since January for their climb in May. They focused their training on building stamina, endurance and mental strength.
Some of the training they had gone through included simulation exercises and carrying 40kg of weight in their backpacks daily apart from their mountain bikes that weigh 13kg each.
They also cycled 100km around Klang Valley every day. Since they couldn’t find a terrain in Malaysia similar to the one at Annapurna, the team opted to train by climbing up the steps of Batu Caves.
We're practically dying going up these steps just once in our lives.
“Along the journey, we suffered from varying degrees of altitude sickness. I was feeling dizzy and had a loss in orientation but we persevered,” Nur Azhami said, as quoted by the daily.
The other members were seven men and three women aged between of 26 and 47 – Shamsudin Ismail, Mohd Rossaimi Sulaman, Jacky Hong Fan Hoe, Mohd Zulhasrad Mohd Daud, Muhammad Subki Hussin, Mohd Zulhafidz Yahaya, Akmal Hayat Abdul Karim, Puteri Nabilah Megat Idris and Nazahiyah Mohd. Hadzir.
The group’s achievements have officially landed them in the Malaysia Book of Records as the first Malaysians to cycle on a high-altitude track.
Well done, team! Now, who wants to join the Rojak Daily team to climb up Mount Kinabalu?

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