Budak-budak Subang Jaya Will Be The First To Enjoy Faster Internet With This New Tech

Residents will benefit from the new Centralised BBU System (CBS) to be installed soon.

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Budak-budak Subang Jaya Will Be The First To Enjoy Faster Internet With This New Tech
Image: The Star
The people of Subang Jaya are in for a treat. Guess who will be the first to call dibs on faster internet?
There is a new technology known as a Centralised BBU System (CBS) to be installed in Subang Jaya, which will reportedly boost internet speed.
According to a report by The Star, the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) will be working together with Platinum Core Solutions (PCS) to install up to nine CBS smart poles all across the city over the next month.
And Subang Jaya will be the first township in Malaysia to benefit from this!
The first 18m-tall smart pole was successfully installed last week at SS18, Subang Jaya.
Besides increasing internet speed, each smart pole also comes with added features, including public Wi-Fi, floodlights and surveillance cameras to increase public security.
The new technology uses fibre optic cables instead of microwave transmissions, which gets rid of health concerns that surrounded the old telecommunication towers.
Excavation works on roads to lay underground cables are also not required for these smart poles, making it less of a nuisance for the public.
Anyone located near the smart pole can access the public Wi-Fi by using an existing social media account or registering for an MPSJ Wi-Fi account on the spot using their mobile devices.

We're looking forward to more of these smart poles in the next few weeks and to the rest of Malaysia in the coming months because honestly, we're tired of complaining about our internet speed here.

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