Hey Johoreans, You're Getting Premium Wi-Fi Service Too

The state government wants to save you from wasting time buffering videos.

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Hey Johoreans, You're Getting Premium Wi-Fi Service Too
Image: Johor Now
For the longest time, Malaysians have been lamenting about our internet speed. Regardless of whether we have the “fastest internet speed in the country”, we can never be satisfied because let’s face it, this generation ain’t got no patience for buffering videos.
But why do all that when you can just watch whatever you wanna watch right away?
Earlier this month, the whole nation was green with envy when they heard that the budak-budak Subang Jaya got to be the first in Malaysia to enjoy faster internet speed with a new piece of canggih technology.
Now, the Johoreans will soon be the next to rejoice because the Johor government has just introduced a brand new Wi-Fi initiative.
People living in the urban and rural areas throughout the state of Johor can now purchase prepaid premium packages that are a step up from the existing free internet service.
We're getting there, guys.
This is the state’s initiative to ensure that the users’ demands and needs for high-speed internet are met.
In a report by Bernama, State Public Works, Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman Datuk Hasni Mohammad said Johor recorded over 600,000 registered users since the free Wi-Fi service was introduced in 2015.
The state government is reportedly targeting at least half of those registered users to switch to the premium service, especially those who cannot do without high-speed internet.
The premium service comes in two packages – RM5 and RM10. The RM5 package includes 2Mbps internet speed for three days, while the RM10 package includes 2Mbps for 7 days with no quota or limit.
So Johoreans, give the new internet packages a shot and share with us how long it took you to download a full-HD movie load your favourite series on Netflix or iflix!

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